I'm a person who loves maps. You know the type: the person boldly standing on a busy street corner with a map (or two) open at the slightest hint that my group might be off course. On every trip I take at home or around the world, there's a map on hand to help navigate and illuminate.

Photo: Jeanne Mutziger

During 2008, I decided to turn my love of maps into a career as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professional by earning a Graduate Certificate from Pennsylvania State University. Currently, I'm having fun making maps for non-profit and government institutions who share my desire to improve the environment.

I'm also a strong advocate for sustainable nature trails. Thus, I am combining my passions for maps and trails into my cartography business. I offer unique, purpose-built maps at a reasonable cost. My mission is to create visually appealing, information-rich maps for organizations that care about the outdoors.

Every organization can benefit from a map--they just might not know it yet! In addition to trail mapping, I also have experience creating maps for Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs), grant submittals, brochures, and Requests for Proposals (RFPs), like the Montaña de Oro State Park Trail Map created for a local trail maintance group.

Please take a moment to view a few examples of my work, and read about how my maps have helped organizations to meet their own goals.