Mapping Services

Custom GIS services to fit your needs:
  • Data collection - GPS and photography
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Beautiful maps


Creating a Map

Let GEObispo guide you through the geospatial maze of mapmaking. I will manage your map project throughout the entire process to ensure the accuracy and aesthetics of the finished product.

The Path to Creating a Great Map Together:

Step 1: Define map requirements.
I'll listen to your needs, then provide guidance regarding mapping standards and technology. In the event I sense that your project scope requires resources beyond my immediate means, I have a talented network of partners with whom to collaborate to complete the project.
Step 2: Collect and/or create, then verify accuracy of geospatial data.
Acquiring and understanding data is at the heart of a useful map. My backgrounds in research, analysis, and geography guarantee that I'll produce a quality product.
Step 3: Create beautiful maps.
This is where my artistic talents get to express themselves for the benefit of others. We'll work together to create a map you and others will enjoy using.
Step 4: Evaluate usability and end-user satisfaction.
I believe maps are only as good as they are useful. I get great joy out of seeing people use a map I've created.